Will Hughes has expressed his disappointment after VAR officials failed to spot a handball in the build up to a goal that saw Southampton equalise against Watford on Saturday evening.

The Hornets scored first in the match, but they left St Mary's empty handed after two late goals for the hosts. However, a clear handball in the build up to the first of Southampton's strikes was not picked up by VAR officials, leaving Watford feeling let down by the system once again.

Earlier on this season, VAR officials failed to spot a handball in the build up to a Newcastle equaliser against the Hornets, while Tottenham Hotspur also benefitted from a VAR decision in similar circumstances.

After the game at St Mary's, Hughes said the handball was "clear as day" and called for greater consistency.

"If we’re going to have VAR it has to be consistent," he said.

"The rules as we know it by, if it’s intentional or unintentional handball, it’s a free kick. It’s the third decision that’s gone against us this season which has cost us a few points. We’re not making excuses, but that’s the reason why VAR is in the Premier League. We have to be better.

"It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get the decision, that’s what it’s there for. Having watched it back, it’s clearly not intentional, but the rules are if it hits your hand it’s a free kick and it’s clear as day that it’s hit his hand so it is frustrating because we were 1-0 up at that stage, we were comfortable and we’d probably go on to win the game."

Despite his anger with VAR, Hughes also admitted the blame also needed to be shared among the players, who he said need to take a look at themselves.

"It’s our own doing as well," he said.

"We could have perhaps scored earlier to make it 2-0 and kill the game, so we’ve got to look at ourselves as well.

"We’re under no illusion, there’s a reason why we’re at the bottom of the league, so something needs to change on the pitch and we’ve clearly not been good enough, so we’ve got to take a look at ourselves and work that out.

"We made mistakes ourselves, we have to hold our hands up to that, but when these things are going against you, it’s really frustrating."