Ben Foster does not think Watford have an issue with mental resilience, despite being unable to win their last three games after taking the lead.

In fact, the Hornets have dropped 17 points from winning positions this season, ten since Nigel Pearson arrived in December, hinting at a lack of fortitude.

However, the goalkeeper does not believe that is an accurate portrayal of Watford's mentality and instead suggests they have just been unfortunate.

"There's things that happen, tonight for example, I don't think that's anything to do with mental resilience, that's just a freak sort of goal," he said of Mariappa's own goal that levelled the game for Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday evening.

"Fair play to them, it's a great ball across the front, you've got two or three players flinging themselves in front of them and it's missed them by an absolute whisker as well, Kabasele for example, it's missed his stud by half an inch and that's what contributes to the fact that Mapps doesn't know who's behind him and what he needs to do with it."

Regardless of how strong they are mentally, Foster believes this week's winter break will do the team some good and allow them to have some time away from the pressures of the game.

While he isn't planning anything too exotic or crazy, the goalkeeper said he is looking forward to an opportunity to take his mind off football for a few days.

"I'm sure the manager's keen to give us a few days off," he said.

"I think you just need a mental break from it more than anything. It's not a case of trying to go here, there and everywhere, to go partying and let your hair down and whatever, it's just a case of getting away from the football, for a few of the lads, getting away from the country and taking their mind off football and recharging and getting ready for the run in."

Upon their return, Watford have 12 games to save their Premier League status, which mathematically is more than sufficient.

However, games against Liverpool, Manchester United, Leicester, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal all await The Hornets when they get back, making the task a difficult one and Foster called upon the team's "flair players" to produce the moments of quality he thinks they need to stay up.

"All them sort of flair players, Pereyra, Deulofeu, Sarr, you just want a little bit of magic," he said.

"Even like what Doucs [Doucoure] did tonight, driving forward and trying his luck from 15/20 yards and it flies into the back of the net, stuff like that. I think things like that can be the difference between winning games, or drawing and losing games."