Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster has revealed that he was one of three people from the club to be tested for coronavirus ahead of the postponement of the rest of the season.

Speaking on Talksport this morning, the 36-year-old explained that he had started to feel unwell at the beginning of the week and had been tested for the virus as a result.

He now believes he had influenza rather than the covid-19 virus, but admits it was still an unpleasant experience.

"From my point of view, I was actually fairly ill last week," he said.

"It started for me last Monday, I felt a little bit ill and then it got worse as the week went on, to the point where the club were quite concerned it might actually be coronavirus so they sent a nurse down to do a test on me. Thankfully for me it was negative.

"I've never personally had the flu myself, so I don't really know what the flu feels like but I would imagine that whatever I had last week was the flu. Shivering, that kind of stuff, my temperature was high, it was not great.

"I don't think it was something that is really, really bad for someone my age, a fit and healthy 36 year old, but it wasn't pleasant, I'll tell you that."

After a period of self-isolation, Foster returned to his favourite hobby, cycling, as quickly as he could, once his test proved he had not contracted coronavirus.

During his time indoors, the former England international said he felt bored and that he struggled to maintain a healthy diet.

"Once I got the tests through to say it wasn't coronavirus, I was like, 'right I need to go and start doing something' because I was pulling my hair out to be honest," he said.

"Just going and getting back out on my bike again is a massive thing for me. I think it's a fairly safe hobby anyway where you're not in amongst a lot of people, but [self-isolation] is very boring. I was probably doing the same as most people, a lot of Netflix watching, TV watching, reading random weird stuff, anything to pass the time really.

"When you're bored and you're not feeling so great, it's so easy to just go and start picking at food and not really watching your diet, but you've got to be careful."

Looking at possible solutions for the rest of the currently-suspended Premier League season, Foster thinks that finishing it one way or another is everybody's preference, but admits that may not be possible given the predicted impact of the virus on the country over the coming weeks and months.

"It's a tough one isn't it because I can't see in three weeks time that we're going to be able to just start the league again," he said.

"We're still going to be in the same situation we're in right now, probably even worse actually because you're going to have teams up and down the country where players will probably have it. There'll be people at the club will have it, coaches will have it, so I think we're still going to be in the same situation that we are now. I don't know when it's going to get started again. I think, without doubt, you can cancel the summer plans that you've got already because they're going to have to prolong it as long as possible."