Vladimir Ivic was disappointed with Watford's final decisions as they were beaten 1-0 away at Reading

The Hornets wasted a number of good chances, especially in the first-half, before a George Puscas goal just before half-time gave the hosts the win.

Ivic felt his side were the stronger of the two teams and deserved more, but knows Watford have to learn to make the most of their opportunities.

"I believe that we created a lot of chances in the first 25, 30 minutes of the game and we were, by a big distance, a better team than Reading," said Ivic. "Reading didn't come in our box in the first 30 minutes. But their keeper did not have to save anything and he didn't have to save anything because of our last decisions in the way when we finished, we missed the goal.

"We created three or four very good chances to score and after the first 30 minutes, the result could've been two or three nil to us. I can be satisfied after the first 45 minutes with how we played, we were organised, we were the team that dominated during the first 45 minutes. We created a lot of space for our wing players, for our full backs, just the final decision it was not good enough and this is something that we need to improve because of that, and in the previous games, especially in the last game before this one. We created five or six very good chances, we scored just one goal. This is something that we need to improve."

The second-half began as the first had, with the Hornets on the front foot, but Ivic was unhappy with the way his side finished the match.

The head coach described his players as looking nervous and said they lacked the focus to keep pushing until the final whistle.

"The second 45 minutes, we started again well, we were dominant without creating the chances like in the first-half," he said. "The other team, they stayed back, they tried to protect their goal and played with 10, 11 players behind the ball.

"I believe that in the last 15, 20 minutes of the game, it's something I didn't like from my team. We started to be nervous, we started to be frustrated because of the result and we didn't do these things in attack and these movements that we worked on and this is something that we need to speak about and improve because the game is 95 minutes and you can score in the last second of the game and you can take one point or sometimes three.

"We need to be focused on the job until the end of the game. This is the process in football, we need to learn from this game a lot and we need to move on from this game a lot. We still have a lot of games in front of us, 40 games, and I believe that we will improve."

Asked how his side could produce better results in front of goal, Ivic stated that working hard is the only way his team will improve.

"Just with work. We don't have another way to improve," he said. "Some of our strikers is out of the squad because of their performance, because of their injuries and we are waiting for them to come to be with us, and to be first of all healthy. Then they can give us what we expect from them. This is something that is totally different now, to this game, but we need to work day-by-day and to analyse our mistakes, to improve our game."