Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster felt he should have kept out Coventry City's equalising goal in a game that ended up with the Hornets claiming a 3-2 win.

Gustavo Hamer's long-range header looped over the goalkeeper just moments after Andre Gray had bundled the ball over the line to give Watford the lead.

Foster was adamant the Coventry player's finish was intentional, despite it being from all of 25 yards and said he simply was not expecting it.

"It was so far out I thought, 'there's no way he's going to be trying to put it in the goal,'" he said. "I thought if anything he's helping it back into the mix, so I thought, 'alright, I'll preempt that and get on the front foot and try and come out and take the ball above everybody else', but fair play, I don't think I've ever been beaten by a 30-yard header anyway.

"But even then, I still think I should have saved it, I got back in time, I got a hand on it and just couldn't keep it out.

"Without doubt, I think he was shooting. There's no way he's trying to put that back in the mixer.

"It's one of those things, that's the life of a goalkeeper, it's something that if anything like that ever arises again, you'll kind of have a little inkling that just to not be so advanced."

After the match head coach Vladimir Ivic said his team had been neither amazing or brilliant and Foster agreed with those sentiments, suggesting the team's results are better than their performances at the moment.

After scrambling to get a 3-2 win over Stoke City in midweek in a similar fashion to the way they beat Coventry, the goalkeeper feels there is still room for improvement, but is pleased with the way the Hornets are gaining momentum.

The two wins have lifted Watford to second place in the Championship and just one point behind league leaders Reading.

"This league is so hard to pick up wins, you've got to find a way sometimes and I don't think we were the best again, but I think we were better," said Foster. "The other night against Stoke, I was actually really disappointed with the performance, I didn't think we played well at all but we found a way to win and we were a bit better today.

"It's about finding the wins in this league, momentum has so much say on where you finish in the league and how you do and if you can just keep rolling along, picking up wins regardless of performances, it's amazing what it does for you."