Vladimir Ivic felt Watford put in their best performance of the season so far in their 4-1 win over Preston North End.

The Hornets had 26 shots, scoring four times, as they cruised past the Lilywhites, showing a marked improvement from their last two games in which creativity had been notably absent.

While the head coach was happy to see his team getting better, he believes there is still much more to come.

"We can say that's it's one of the best," said Ivic. "It was a performance, after some period where we stayed without some victories, where we stay without some creativity in the games but today I believe that we had a good game.

"I'm sure that it's not the best of our performance, but maybe until now. Yes, I can agree with that, it was one of the best.

"Our target is to play better, to play every game like this and to improve some details during the game. Where you have, every three or four days, a game, you need to take care about the lot of things. It's not just the games. When you have a lot of injured players, who came after long periods, and you need to be smart with how to use them."

The win takes Watford up to third in the Championship table, just two points off the top spot, giving them a great chance to climb to the summit in their next two games against strugglers Nottingham Forest and Cardiff. 

Watford Observer:

However, the head coach insists he is not focusing on positions at the moment and claims he will be happy when his side starts playing more consistently.

"We don't need to think about our position and how big the distance is between us and the first place," he said.

"We need to concentrate and focus just for the next game to prepare ourself to recover, first of all, and try to be disciplined in our tactical decisions, to work like we worked today.

"I will be happy when I see that my team playing the way we played maybe in the last two games, but we need to improve some things.

"I will be happy at the end of the season if we achieve our goal."