Watford head coach Xisco Munoz believes his team are adapting to his attacking philosophy, but that there is still further room for improvement.

Seven goals from wins against Bristol City and Preston North End in their last two matches shows that they are becoming more creative up front, after a string of games where attacking threat was notably absent.

While Munoz has been encouraged by his side’s development, he insists there is more to come from his players.

“When we arrived, we stayed every time in defence in front of our box,” said the head coach. “Until now every time we try to play in the other half of the pitch and to play with the high press. We try every time to do this. We now have more control with the ball, we have more possession of the ball and now we need to understand what we need to do with that possession.

“We need to improve with transitions, we are improving on different things but it’s not enough - we need to continue. We need to keep a high level, but we are in a good way.”

Helping to drive that improvement has been a change of formation, from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 that has brought the best out of Watford’s attacking players.

“We have different options and sometimes in one game, you need a different system,” said Munoz. “Sometimes in another game, you need another system. And I’m lucky because I have a good squad, I can change in one direction or another, depending on the game and what we think what the game needs. It’s important everyone stays in the same way and stays together.”

Asked if Watford were still in contention for an automatic promotion place, Munoz said he was not wasting time thinking about the end of the season just yet.

He said he is taking a game-by-game approach to the rest of the season, while also targeting league positions with a similar step-by-step method.

"It's a long way, the Championship is long," he said. "And right now we're thinking about the next game. It's important to think game-by-game. We need to keep a high level.

"The most important now is to continue to work hard and to not have any excuses. We know this game is difficult but it's important that our team tries to give their best in all the games. And afterwards, we will see what happens.

"I don't like to lose time with other things because everybody's thinking about the first and second position and I'm thinking about if I can take the third position. When I take the third position, I want to take the second position and after I will try.

"But we will see. The most important thing is that we are improving."