"It's difficult because away we have difficult problems," admitted Xisco Munoz ahead of a potentially season-defining week for Watford, as they prepare for back-to-back games on the road.

A change in formation, coupled with consistency within the squad, has produced a three-game winning streak and restored positivity where frustration was thriving among the club's supporters only weeks ago.

Adding to that sense of positivity is the feeling of opportunity that has arisen after three of Watford's main promotion rivals, Swansea, Brentford and Bournemouth all squandered points following the Hornets' win over Derby on Friday night.

Now is the chance for Watford to exert more pressure on those sides around them in the league and yet that prospect comes in the form of two difficult away matches against Blackburn Rovers and Bournemouth.

Both performances and results away from Vicarage Road have been "not good enough" according to the head coach, who passionately believes his players are capable of offering more.

"I've repeated it two million times," said Munoz. "I have a very good squad and I think we can play better and give better things for our fans."

Picture: PA

Picture: PA

Some of those "better things" were on display in a win away at Preston last week that offered a window of hope.

It was arguably the side's best performance away from home so far this season, but there isn't much in the way of competition.

On the road in the Championship during the current campaign, Watford have won four, lost four, drawn seven and have scored more than once on just one occasion.

What's more, three of those four wins have come with the aid of a penalty, suggesting that creativity in open play seems to be in short supply when Watford are away from the familiarity of Vicarage Road.

Among those numbers is the Preston win, which is something of a statistical red herring in that Watford won 1-0 courtesy of a penalty kick - the archetypal Hornets' away victory - and yet as a cohesive and creative unit, it was the best they have looked away from home this season, which supports Munoz's assertion that, although his team has improved, there is still more that can be done.

Picture: PA

Picture: PA

While the last three games have unquestionably been better, this is the week that will act as a true guide to show exactly where Watford are in terms of their development under Munoz and their likelihood of challenging the top two come the end of the season.

If they can start to get things right away as consistently as they do at home, there is no reason why they cannot take themselves back in the Premier League, without the fuss of the playoffs.

However, if they do find themselves battling it out for the last promotion spot, away form will certainly be high on a list of reasons why.

It is because of this, Munoz is refusing to look too far ahead just yet.

"The last four [away] games we won two times and we have two draws. But it’s not enough," he said. "Every time we try to win more games and take more points. Step by step we need to keep going and continue game by game. Right now, our focus is on the next game."

Between now and the end of the season, Watford have back-to-back away games on three separate occasions before a punishing push that will see them face Norwich, Brentford and Swansea as part of their final four fixtures.

It is with this in mind that this week seems quite so pivotal, at least from a psychological standpoint.

If the Hornets can prove to both themselves and to their supporters that they are capable of producing dependable displays away from home, they can develop the requisite confidence to take into their remaining sojourns and continue their charge to the top.

If not, the rest of the season looks to be an altogether much more nervous proposition, something Munoz seems to be aware of, as he focuses on what his side need to do in their remaining 13 matches.

"We need to work with intensity until the final and we will see what happens," he said. "It doesn't matter what I can say. Sure, we have ambition, we want to work hard. We work with passion. But I can't say 100 per cent what happens.

Picture: Action Images

Picture: Action Images

"We know what is important and we know just how difficult is the next game.

"We need everyone to stay in the same way and I think if we are together we can enjoy it and we can fight more for our club."