Xisco Munoz wants his Watford players to continue playing like “warriors” to make sure they seal promotion to the Premier League.

As the Hornets prepare for a derby clash with Luton Town away at Kenilworth Road this weekend, the head coach is hoping he can use the game as an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with the supporters, however he knows that ultimately the club’s position in the Championship at the end of the season is the most important thing for the Watford fans.

“Always it’s important to have a connection with the fans,” said Munoz. “I think the fans are the most important in football.

“But also, while it’s important to give the maximum in this game for the fans, it’s only one game and after we have four games more.

“It’s important to have a good mentality, I think the fans know we will give the maximum because we are warriors in all the games and they know what is our spirit and we will give the maximum, they know.

“We will see what will happen. In football it’s important to have humility, it’s important to understand what happens in all the games and they know we will give our maximum in this important game.”

The key to achieving their goal of Premier League is consistency, claims the head coach, who believes his team showed against Reading that they are still getting better.

“We are improving in our football, with our tactics, and finding different flexibility for situations in the game,” he said.

“And we’re working very hard on this until the final. We have time, we can give better performances and I think right now is a moment to enjoy. But also it’s the moment to give our best in all the games.

“I think the most important is to try to give stability for the team and that the team keeps going with the same football. I think if we continue with the same football, with the same opportunities and with the same ambition, and with the same high intensity, and with the same situations in the game, we are more likely to win the games.

“We know about football. We know maybe we’ll have difficult moments until the final but I think right now the team has a good balance. And it’s important to have our focus on the next game.”

Munoz’s focus remains firmly on Kenilworth Road for now and the boss has spent some of the last week learning about the importance of the fixture.

Fans have been telling him all about the 4-0 win at Luton in 1997, while a chat with club legend Tommy Mooney has also further enlightened the Spaniard.

“Everyone on social media sends me the game from 1997,” he said.

“I think we want to try to give the same happiness to our fans. Always it’s very important, before these games, if you speak to the people who have the team spirit, and they know what is Watford. [Mooney] knows what is the history and he gave me very good things for this important game. I was happy to meet with him.

“Everybody knows about the derbies, because it’s a different spirit for these important games.

“Also it’s a tough game. We know about this, all the games in the Championship are tough but most important is that they enjoy it.

“We have an amazing challenge to get an important three points for us and I always say the same about the squad, I have a very good squad.

“I want to say today that I’m very happy with all the players because everyone is working hard to try to pick up the points in the games. This is amazing.”