World champion boxer Shannon Courtenay walked away unscathed after crashing on the M25 today.

Courtenay posted a photo of her Mercedes which had been destroyed at the front after she smashed into barriers in soggy conditions this morning.

Sharing her experience with her Instagram followers, Courtenay, who is from Abbots Langley, wrote: "Thank the lord I was able to walk away safely after my crash this morning."

Watford Observer: A post from Shannon Courtenay's Instagram story A post from Shannon Courtenay's Instagram story

She later revealed she had been travelling on the M25 when she crashed into a barrier. Courtenay also thanked a man who stayed with her after the crash and called an ambulance.

Courtenay wrote: "Thank you for everyone's messages and calls my phone hasn't stopped.

"My car aquaplaned into the barriers on the M25 thankfully nobody else was involved and I'm okay.

"Thank you to the man that stayed with me and called an ambulance."

But the world bantamweight champion was unimpressed with the number of passing motorists taking photos of her crashed car.

She said: "And to all the people that drove past and instead of offering help they got their phones out and filmed it or took pics of me, give yourself a good talking to!!!"

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