A video showing a team claiming to be Watford wearing a yellow kit with black horizontal stripes has emerged online.

However, the Watford Observer understands that it is not next season's Kelme kit.

On July 11, a video was uploaded to YouTube showing footage from an eight-a-side match between "Watford" and "Kaiserslautern" in an apparent rematch of the game that saw the Hornets claim their first ever European victory in 1983.

Watford Observer:

However, the match is believed to be from the Moscow 8x8 Amateur Football League and appears to be a kit that the team has had made themselves.

Speculation began after the shirt was clearly seen to show the Watford club crest, while also bearing a slight resemblance to the Kelme designs that were "leaked" earlier this year.

The Hornets will officially unveil their new kit at 9am on July 22, which they confirmed with a video posted to their social media accounts.