Ernie Mackenzie is totally deluded to think that regardless of “a club punching above its weight” over the past ten years, the fans are still “on-side”.

Well Ernie, after the home defeat to Burnley, I have never encountered such a mood of utter despondency amongst the fans in all the recent seasons of ups and downs.

Simply put, Scott Duxbury’s remarks in the programme notes that “we are so proud of our club” for all the other reasons off the field is a complete nonsense.

Watford FC is now a business, which in reality is probably beyond saving in its present form and needs a total root and branch makeover.

From the board downwards, the model MUST be changed.

The most urgent requirement is that the new manager, who will be replacing Roy and Ray, is given the task of the recruitment of new players. The previous system just hasn’t worked.

Unless this happens swiftly and thoroughly, I can see that with the departure of the players now expected to leave at the end of the season, it is not beyond the pale to find next season the club facing relegation in the Championship, a league which there is no doubt is far more formidable and competitive than its ever been.

It really is heartbreaking to have had to write so many letters this season in this mode, so on behalf of the wonderful fans of Watford FC, can I formally request the vast amount of remedial work begins NOW, and we can all look forward to next season with a little bit of optimism.

Neil Frais

Hazeldene Drive, Pinner