After reading a letter from Mr Neil Frais of Pinner in the Watford Observer, in respect to whether Watford Football Club is punching above its weight whilst playing in the Premiership, I somehow get the impression Mr Frais is a self-appointed spokesperson speaking for some but not all Watford FC fans.

It is a bit concerning that it has taken ten years for Mr Frais to be aware that Mr Pozzo has been running Watford FC as a business since 2012. In 2012 Mr Pozzo told the fans he makes no secret of it that he buys football players to sell on and make a profit on. Doesn’t Mr Frais remember the business done between Mr Pozzo and Everton FC in 2018 regarding the transfer of Richarlison?

And for Mr Frais to say the Pozzo-style of recruitment of players doesn’t work, then it appears Mr Frais cannot remember the huge amount of achievements that Watford FC has attained over these last ten years, three visits to Wembley, two promotions and six seasons in the Premiership.

Unlike Mr Frais, I have so far thoroughly enjoyed the journey that Mr Pozzo has taken Watford FC fans on over the last ten years. So why can’t Mr Frais look at the broader picture then make his mind up instead of focusing on the present season? Always remember, the game of football is about the “whole gamut of emotions” where a football fan's life is never about “life is just a bowl of cherries’.

Ernie MacKenzie

Gammons Lane, Watford