Ben Foster has said he is open to the idea of working as a second choice goalkeeper in the Premier League after leaving Watford this summer.

The shot-stopper will become a free agent at the end of this month once his contract expires and he is currently assessing his options.

Previously, he has stated that he would like to play in the MLS, but he has now suggested that working with a younger goalkeeper at a Premier League club, and helping them develop, may be his next step.

Speaking on the Fozzcast, his own podcast, he suggested that a potential move to clubs like Arsenal or Aston Villa would definitely appeal, even if he was not first choice.

"I would (go in as a number two),” said Foster. “If I am signing for a club, as a number two goalkeeper, depending on who the first choice goalkeeper is.

“Say, it was someone like Arsenal or something. Or even Aston Villa. Where the first-choice goalkeeper is a world-class goalie, someone like [Aaron] Ramsdale or [Emi] Martinez or something.

"I know I have a world-class goalkeeper in front of me, who is still at an age where they are learning and they can get better. And they can because they have the potential.

“I would, at that point, go, ‘right, I am going to help you as much as I can to maximise your ability and make sure you become a monster, give you all the tools that I have learnt’.

“I would love to do that and I would happily go in every day, saying ‘this is my role’ because it’s a massive role.”