Late last week, I sat down with Watford chairman and CEO Scott Duxbury for a no holds-barred interview.

We met for more than two hours at the club’s training ground, and he answered every question I asked and talked about every topic I raised. There was no refusing to comment, no clock watching and no attempting to steer the conversation in a different direction.

Over the coming days, starting this afternoon, you’ll be able to read that exclusive interview which we’ve broken into a series of pieces that make it far easier to consume and digest.

Every word (and there’s more than 5,000 of them!) will be published and, as a fan as well as a journalist, I have hopefully touched upon the areas supporters would have asked about themselves. The interview covers such as:

  • Last season
  • The club’s financial situation
  • Next season
  • Rob Edwards
  • Continually changing coaches
  • Player commitment
  • How the fans reacted to relegation
  • Players and their use of social media
  • The new manager and his role in player recruitment
  • The use of agents
  • How do transfers/loans with Udinese really work
  • Communicating with supporters
  • Stadium development v new stadium

It’s an interview that the chairman said yes to immediately when I asked, and one that I hope will give fans everywhere the chance to fill in the communication blanks that I referred to recently.

There is so much to read – and here’s an excerpt of what Duxbury said that hopefully sets the tone: “Gino Pozzo just wants the club to be successful and playing sustained Premier League football. That’s always been his only ambition for Watford. I am on exactly the same page.

“However, he accepts that the way we try and work to deliver that had to change. We know that we could not carry on as we were. Watford Football Club needed its culture back.

“In Rob Edwards, we have appointed a manager we all totally believe in, and a manager who will lead and drive that change.

“We will be supporting Rob Edwards come hell or high water. We believe that he will deliver what we all want: a sustained and successful football club we all can be proud of.”