Just about every news programme on every TV channel in the last few months has featured the financial problems the UK faces as one of its main stories.

The cost of living is rocketing, fuel prices are soaring and the pinch is being felt pretty much everywhere.

Therefore, it was refreshing to see Watford take a progressive view when they reduced season ticket prices for the 2022/23 season. Was that a difficult decision to take in the current financial climate?

“No because it was always the right thing to do,” said chairman Scott Duxbury, whose actions have been rewarded as the club reached 13,000 season ticket holders this week.

“If we’re all in it together then we are stronger. I’ve explained that the club culture is changing and this is a season of transition, so we need as many of our supporters with us at as many games as possible.

“We’re very aware of the pressures in the world at the moment, the cost of living rising, energy bills going up. It would have been absolutely unthinkable for us to put season ticket prices up.

“We need our supporters, we want them to get behind Rob and his team, and reducing season tickets prices was the natural thing to do.

“I think our supporters get what we are trying to do, and I hope they will read things I’ve said in the Watford Observer and understand even more about how the club has and is changing. The sales we’ve seen of season tickets so far is massively heartening, and I thank all those who have purchased one so far.

“After what they had to endure last season, it’s a fantastic testament to the supporters of Watford that we’ve renewed about 90 per cent of season tickets.”