There is no truth at all in rumours that owner Gino Pozzo has tried to sell, or wants to sell, Watford FC.

There had been various whispers in different forms of media that Pozzo was keen to return to Italy in order to take over the day-to-day running of sister club Udinese, and had been sounding out potential suitors for the Hornets.

However, chairman Scott Duxbury said these stories were totally false.

“It’s just not true that Gino Pozzo is trying to, or wants to, sell Watford Football Club,” he said.

“We look at ways constantly of developing the football club, and that’s primarily stadium development. If we do that through finance then that’s fine, if we do it through a minority investor with an interest in stadium development, even better.

“Gino is absolutely not looking to sell the club, his aim is to grow and develop it. Any stories that may have been circulating are simply not true.

"There’s not much more I can say than that really. It’s all untrue.”