The performance of Coventry’s winning goalscorer, Viktor Gyokeres, drew praise from Watford head coach Slaven Bilic.

The Swedish international spent long spells alone in attack, and yet still managed to carve out openings for himself or bring others into play.

“He is a very strong striker, a player who can not only keep and hold the ball but he can hurt you. He can run into the channels and he’s strong,” said Bilic.


“Our centre backs had a good game but he also gave them a game. He’s a good player.

“We weren’t surprised by him. We had him marked down as their target man. He’s not an old-fashioned typical target man though, because target men have problem in movement. He is a target man but also has good movement.

“The defenders stopped him well at times, they fouled him, they gave him a good game. But he is a very good player.”

While the Watford performance was disappointing, they were beaten by a Coventry side that is resurgent after a very poor start to the season – and Bilic was not highly critical of his players.

“I’ve got nothing too negative to say. Coventry defended well, but we played good,” he said.

“However, when you attack in the way we did, and keep coming into good areas then you have to have more than a few clear chances.

“They had bodies in the box and I’m not expecting one against one with the keeper, but I am expecting more than two shots on target.

“If you only have two shots on target then you have to be extremely lucky to get something out of the game.

“It was one of those days. It may sound crazy but we have to take positive things from it.”

Something Bilic didn’t like was the tendency to hit long balls once Coventry had gone in front.

“In some games you are losing you have corners, the crowd is good but you can’t see a goal coming and then you start kicking the ball long,” he said.

“I said to the boys, even in added time – and perhaps sometimes they didn’t hear me – don’t kick the ball long. They have three centre backs and are defending their box.

“Don’t kick it long, let’s play the game. Even with a minute to go, let’s do the proper balls.”

Another frustration for the head coach was bookings for both Francisco Sierralta and Hassane Kamara: the pair reached the five yellow cards mark for the season and so will be suspended for Tuesday’s game with Reading.

“To be fair I don’t remember the Sierralta booking. Kamara’s tackle, if I want to be polite, was unnecessary.

“An unnecessary one is a good, political shout. There’s no need for that. And, of course, it makes life harder for us in midweek.”