Reports suggesting Watford have been placed under an international transfer ban are due to an administrative misunderstanding, the Watford Observer understands.

This newspaper has been sent a copy of a letter on FIFA-headed notepaper dated July 20, 2023 informing the club it has been placed under a registration ban because it “has still not complied with its financial obligations towards Megamu Football Academy Club”.

Reports in Nigeria claim the ban relates to a solidarity payment that is alleged not to have been paid to Megamu following Samuel Kalu’s move to Watford from Bordeaux in July 2022.

Megamu claim they helped in the development of Kalu and were therefore due the payment.

The letter continues: “In this regard, we wish to inform the parties that a ban from registering new players internationally has been implemented by FIFA as of 19 July 2023.

“Moreover, and in accordance with the aforementioned decision, the Football Association (in copy) is requested to immediately implement on the respondent the Club Watford FC, if not done yet, a ban from registering new players at national level.”

The letter is signed by Julien Deux, head of judicial bodies (ajudicatory).

The Watford Observer understands this is an administrative matter that is already close to being resolved.