The only blot on Watford’s copybook yesterday was another player having to be punished for breaking a rule drawn up by the squad themselves.

Midfielder Tom Dele-Bashiru was late for a team meeting on Monday, and so didn’t travel with the squad to Wales.

“I’m here to do my job and we have clear rules. We put those rules in place,” said Valerien Ismael.

“If a player misses a team meeting he is out, it’s as simple as that.”

The head coach told the Watford Observer last week that different players different scenarios call for different types of redaction.

“Young players need to learn. Last week I spoke to you and said they sometimes need some love and to be given confidence,” he said.

“This time we needed to give a kick in the backside, just to help understand how to be a professional player.

“He punished himself, he punished the squad and I am pleased that we won the game and hopefully it will be a lesson for him.

“Young players are like kids, and you have to find the right balance.”

Like Ben Hamer, Dele-Bashiru was not involved at all when he was punished – but earlier in the season Imran Louza was on the bench – and came on – when he broke a rule.

Does that mean there are different rules for different players?

“No, it’s not different rules. The rules are simple,” Ismael explained.

“If you are starting and you are late, you drop to the bench. If you are on the bench, you drop out of the squad.

“We have tried to put a simple structure in place. We were going to start with Kone and Kayembe, and Tom was going to be on the bench.

“He made a mistake and he dropped out of the squad.”