“So I thought, why not?”

Wes Hoedt proved his ability to be modest and apply some classic understatement was as high as his accuracy and audacity after his 45-yard goal beat Hull on Saturday.

The Dutchman was wearing the captain’s armband for the second successive game and stepped forward – literally – to score the Hornets unforgettable winner in the 2-1 success.

His head coach had already explained how the team had worked on catching Hull keeper Ryan Allsop off his line in the days before the game, but Hoedt’s description of the goal made it sound far more routine than it actually was.

“I saw their striker was receiving the ball from the goalie or the central defender, and he didn’t control it that well so I thought I could intercept it,” he said.

“Then I saw their goalie off his line, so I thought why not?

“It’s actually funny because we had a gameplan to try something like this against Leicester last week, because their goalie also likes to play high up.

“We didn’t have the chance in that game, but it came along today and I took it. It was mainly instinct, and it was a really nice goal.”

Even ‘really nice goal’ is some way short of what most people would say, but Hoedt continued to be modest.

“It was an excellent moment, but I think we should focus more on the whole team though, because everyone was excellent today,” he said.

“Everyone’s involved - the guys who came off the bench for example, and Ben Hamer who has come into the team. He’s stopped the penalty and that was really important, so I think it’s more important to talk about the collective effort than just the goal.”

Hoedt was also at the heart of the Hull equaliser.

“We started the game really well. They were in possession a lot, but we made a great goal through Edo.

“Then we let our gameplan down for one moment, and pressed in the wrong moment. I think we made the wrong decision and then everyone had to react. I think I blocked the ball and the shot fell right in front of their forward’s foot so he could easily tuck it in. I think the goal could’ve been prevented.

“Hull have a great squad though, and it’s always difficult when you play away from home.

“We’ve talked about a change in mentality though, and I think we’re seeing that now.

“We’re trying to be hard to beat, and after Tuesday - when we started really badly but then showed great team spirit - today we showed it as well. They had a lot of the ball but we dug in deep and we got the win.”

The defender felt he should have been awarded a free kick in the seconds before the Hull penalty was awarded.

“I think the penalty was the wrong decision. Just a few seconds before they had a throw in, I headed the ball and their player’s foot was as high as my head.

“Normally that’s a foul. The referee didn’t blow his whistle and we had to defend a corner, which is where the penalty was given.

“I haven’t see the challenge back, but sometimes these things happen. It was a great moment for Ben to step up, and all credit to him for taking his chance. He hasn’t been playing a lot but he’s got his chance now.”

Having been 21st in the table two months ago, Watford are now tenth – but Hoedt stressed he and his teammates are not content to just be clear of danger.

“We just need to take it game by game now. After we had that run of three defeats in a row we changed something, and now we’re in a position where we’ve only lost one in nine.

“That’s good, but we have to keep pushing. We have two tough games at home now - against Southampton and Ipswich - so it’s a moment for us to show which way we want the season to go.

“Do we want to keep going up, or are we happy to just stay around the middle? For sure the whole team wants to keep progressing up the league table.”