While admitting to enjoying the challenge of trying to get the better of opponents tactically now that he is coaching, Tom Cleverley says there is one thing that players can give which a coach cannot: application on the pitch.

Cleverley has spent a lot of time looking at the challenges Leeds will pose tomorrow at Vicarage Road, and where Watford can cause their visitors problems.

However, he readily admits that tactics and preparation alone cannot win games.

“I do enjoy the cat and mouse, or the game of chess, whatever you want to call it, that is the coaching and managing side of football,” he said.

“I’ve always said to the players, though, that it’s application that wins you football matches, especially in this league.

“If you want to run, tackle, fight, then that’s ultimately what wins you games.

“Tactics will help, but you have to have application.”

The Sky cameras will be at Vicarage Road on Friday, but they will be there predominantly to see if Leeds can continue their march back to the Premier League.

Indeed, with Sky announcing their latest batch of live games, Leeds have now had 31 games switched for TV coverage this season.

Cleverley said that while there is more pressure on Leeds, he will not allow his players to relax in any of the eight remaining matches.

“I’ve been where Leeds are, in a promotion push, and you do feel the squeeze,” he said.

“They had three or four lads that had to play extra time in their internationals so we will be at our best to make it as difficult as possible for them.

“I’ve never, ever gone into a game with the mindset of being able to relax because of league position.

“I’ll be making sure our players don’t do that either.

“I want there to be something on every single game we play: even if on the last day of the season away at Middlesbrough we can’t move up or down, then you still want to impress and create a feel-good factor.

“That definitely applies on Friday because there is still a hell of a lot for our players to be playing for.

“I don’t think we’ll need to motivate our players for a game like this.

“It’s Good Friday, live on Sky, against the league leaders, and we’re coming off the back of a win and in better spirits.

“It’s the Championship: we knew going to Birmingham they would cause us problems, and they did.

“Next is a team with a different set of pressures but we absolutely believe we can cause them a lot of problems, and we’ve got what it takes to win the game.”

Cleverley pointed out that the battle for automatic promotion is tougher this season than many others.

“Normally averaging two points a game gets you promoted out of this division, and this season there are four teams doing that,” he said.

“Leeds are doing brilliantly well and they’re a massive football club with a very successful manager.

“We have to respect that challenge and we’ve put a lot of work into being prepared.

“By no means do I think we’re under no pressure on Friday, because I want our players to feel there is an importance to every match.

“Everyone wants to win games, and I’ve said to the players I want them to go away in the summer with the feeling that we can be promoted next season.

“But the reality on Friday is that one team is under a little bit more pressure in the game.”