Watford and West Bromwich Albion fans have been videoed fighting after their Easter Monday game in the West Midlands.

Footage posted to social media appears to show rival supporters gesturing and taunting each other across the tracks at The Hawthorns train station.

Another video also captures the moment a fight broke out on the platform.

Watch the video below:

The group of young men can be seen punching each other while one shouts a homophobic slur across the station.

The clashes were condemned online, with one saying: “All this over football. People need to grow up”, while another labelled the behaviour “embarrassing”.

West Midlands Police confirmed that there were no arrests in connection with the match. 

A club spokesperson said: "Watford FC condemns in the fullest possible terms the actions of anyone purporting to represent the good name of this club while indulging in anti-social behaviour of any kind – wheresoever that takes place.

"The club liaises regularly with third-party authorities with regards to actions taken both at the time and as a result of available video footage and other material evidence.

"While those discussions continue, supporters are always welcome to provide further information which may help all parties in positively identifying those who would willingly tarnish the long-held positive reputation around Watford supporters.

"As many of the club’s fans are aware, Watford FC’s We Campaign reporting text line (66777, starting messages with word We) can be used confidentially to supply information about discriminatory or anti-social behaviour."

The game kicked off at 3pm and ended 2-2 with goals from Edo Kayembe and Mileta Rajović for the Hornets, and Darnell Furlong and Brandon Thomas-Asante for The Baggies.