There are certain mementoes that are considered ‘must haves’ for some Watford fans – and one of those was launched 40 years ago today.

The excitement in the town was continuing to grow with just a week to go before Watford stepped out at Wembley for their first appearance in an FA Cup Final.

To mark the occasion, Benskins brought out a special commemorative ale and it was launched at the brewery’s offices by three Vicarage Road greats on May 11, 1984.

Watford Observer:

A Watford Observer photographer captured Tommy Barnett, Bill ‘Taffy’ Davies and Maurice Cook with a Benskins representative smiling as they opened bottles of the beer.

Watford Observer:

The label on the back of the bottle read: “This strong ale has been specially bottled to commemorate the success of Watford F.C. in the 1984 F.A. Cup.”