The subject of what happens with the proceeds of the sale of Ismael Kone to Marseille has been debated among Watford fans – and it’ll be up for discussion at the training ground this week.

The Hornets sold the Canadian international to the French side in a deal that could see them collect as much as £15m.

Kone scored the spot-kick that saw Canada beat Venezuela 4-3 on penalties in the early hours of Saturday morning to reach the semi-finals of the Copa America.

While a large chunk of the fee will go towards balancing the books – the club have made no secret of the importance of player trading in their business model – it’s far from unreasonable to expect some to be invested in the team, given they have lost someone who made 46 appearances, scored four goals and contributed three assists last season.

“I’ve had weekly meetings with the owner and chairman all through the summer, and the question of the proceeds from the sale of Kone will be on the agenda for the coming week,” said Tom Cleverley.

“I have full confidence in ourselves that we can be creative in the market even if we don’t have as much funds as other clubs.

“With some of the deals we are close to completing people will see that.

“I get that fans want to see big fees being spent, but I also believe we can add to the squad while being creative.”

The Watford head coach said he felt Kone’s move to Marseille was best for all three parties.

“I think there are some transfers where everyone involved is a winner, and that was one of them,” he concluded.

“We receive a good transfer fee for a player that I absolutely respect but who plays in an area where I feel we’re strong.

“Marseille receive a very good player, and Kone goes to a big, top club with a great coach.

“For me, everybody is a winner.”