A new Watford FC podcast has been set up for supporters who are already missing the trials and tribulations of the football season.

'From the Rookery End' has been created by Hornets supporters Jon Moonie, Jason Bailey and Mike Parkin.

The first podcast includes a one-word season review from former Soccer AM presenter Tim Lovejoy as well as the inaugural ‘From the Rookery End’ awards.

Moonie said: "We're all hugely passionate about the club and wanted to harness our enthusiasm and channel it into something constructive. As fans, we all felt there was a gap in what is available to Watford supporters.”

Parkin added: "Fans used to produce and distribute fanzines which provided a more offbeat, light-hearted look at what was going on at the club. This is how we see the podcast.

"We won't be afraid to talk about the serious issues, but what we really want to portray is the fun that can be had supporting Watford. We'll be sharing our experiences and thoughts, whilst hopefully hearing from fellow fans too.

“There is more to being a football fan than just turning up at the ground for 90 minutes and it's this that we want to explore."

The podcasts will be released monthly and are available on iTunes.

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