Watford Supporters Trust says chief executive Julian Winter’s decision to leave the Hornets was not taken lightly.

The Trust sent a letter to its members expressing its view on Winter’s departure, which was confirmed on Wednesday.

It read: The Watford Supporters Trust (WST) is extremely disappointed to hear that Julian Winter has left Watford Football Club (WFC). We know that it is a decision that he has not taken lightly.

Julian has been a key mover in developing the club’s strategy for a sustainable future and enabling the progress that has been made on and off the pitch. Julian was also a key person with Rob Smith in working to facilitate the Trust’s sponsorship of the Community BEST project.

We have enjoyed an outstanding relationship with Julian who by means of weekly communication with our chairman, kept us fully informed of developments within the club. Our relationship as a critical friend of the club was aided by his openness and frankness. We wish him every success in the future.

It should be emphasised that Julian had previously told WST that there was now a different approach to running WFC. However, he did not intend that to mean that different meant it was wrong – just not the way that he wished to work.

The Trust had discussed Julian’s proposed departure with Mr Bassini and expressed our concern that the news would not be well received by many Watford fans. Mr Bassini emphasised that he wishes to be judged by what he delivers for the club in the coming months.

While we recognise that Mr Bassini has only been the new owner for a few months, we remain concerned as to the club’s future direction until we receive a clearer vision of the strategy.

We have spoken with Mr Bassini who has promised to arrange a more formal meeting with the Trust in the coming weeks – Graham Sterry, chairman Watford Supporters Trust