Watford have handed another trio of youngsters the professional contract they have dreamed of but manager Sean Dyche has stressed this is only the beginning.

The Hornets have continued their impressive record of producing their own talent this season and have handed six pro deals to this year’s second-year scholar age group.

Creative midfielder Sean Murray, goalkeeper Jack Bonham and centre back Tommie Hoban were all given contracts last season and on Friday it was announced they would be joined by defender Aaron Tumwa and midfielders Connor Smith and Stephan Hamilton-Forbes.

Dyche said: “The high number of youngsters being handed professional contracts is an ongoing trend from our club. We believe in it and I personally believe in it with my background. They are only at the beginning and we will now see how they develop in the future.

”We have had a good turnout from our academy system yet again and we will see if they can go to the next level and get into the first team.”

But Dyche stressed: “It is not about numbers, we do it on quality of players and not just that, also the quality of their development because not many are the real deal at this young age.

“Sean Murray has done tremendously well but he still has so much to learn and such a long way to go, like they all have, so it is not just about the player now, it is the signs that they can go further and further.”

However, whilst last week was a dream come true for Hamilton-Forbes, Tumwa and Smith, it was heartbreak for winger Michael Kalu, striker Dereece Gardner, full-back Brandon Horner and centre back Chimdi Akubuine.

Dyche was quick to praise the players’ attitude though.

He said: “I tell you what was fantastic, and I mean it, when we spoke to them, we explained the decisions and every one of them said how grateful they were to have the opportunity and the environment they were given.

”People question youngsters, I do myself sometimes, so for young men, who are experiencing such disappointment, to conduct themselves in that manner is exceptional in my opinion.

”I made it clear to them that it is that kind of attitude that will get you somewhere and hopefully in football.

”Our youngsters have been terrific with the way they dealt with it because it is disappointing and a big blow but there is life after Watford.

“I explained to them that I was a youngster who was nowhere near the first team at Nottingham Forest, I went off to Chesterfield and had a good career.

”So I explained some of the things they will have to do and the main thing is to remain focussed and work very hard.

”We will play them in the development games because morally we want to give them the best chance. We invite people to watch those games, who may take a chance on them.

We believe in conducting ourselves properly and I wish them well. If they finish the season well for us then hopefully something comes for them in the future.”

Second-year scholar Matt Bevans, who is a defender, has had his scholarship extended by a few months due to the serious injury he suffered last year.