A cat owner from Cornwall was “overwhelmed” when she found out her missing cat had been found in St Albans - and was then tracked down a second time after making a bid for freedom.

Chocolate-coloured cat Fudge Jenkins went missing from his home in Newquay, in Cornwall, on October 1.

His owner Parisa Jenkins, then 39, launched a search campaign using social media to spread the word.

She was astounded when she heard on her 40th birthday that the feline had unknowingly hitchhiked to Sandridge Road, in St Albans, after falling asleep in a van which travelled to Hertfordshire.

Ms Jenkins described the relief she felt after receiving a call letting her know Fudge had been found by someone living in Sandridge Road.

She said: “I felt overwhelming happiness when I received the news, as it felt like a miracle had happened.

“He likes to wander around and explore. He has often disappeared for a few days in the past, but it was amazing to get the phone call when I was at my 40th birthday lunch.

“Luckily, he is not traumatised and seems to be his normal self but I do not want it to happen again so I’m keeping a close eye on him now.”

Ms Jenkins also praised the “kindness of strangers”, who helped track down Fudge after the driver of the van took him to a vet in St Albans - but the determined adventurer managed to escape.

After people put up posters and flyers and spread the message on social media, he was eventually tracked down for a second time and reunited with his owner at midnight of November 18.

Ms Jenkins explained: “I am so grateful for all the support I have received and the kindness shown to me by strangers.

“People were putting up flyers and posters even though I never asked them to do that.

“He is an explorer and is showing no signs of slowing down despite his age, so I appreciate everyone who helped me.”