An 84-year-old man is “heartbroken” that his dog still has not been found, nearly four months after she went missing.

Geoff Sanders had only owned Daisy for three weeks but is devastated that the Dobermann dog managed to escape from his home in Radlett Road, Frogmore, after a fence was blown down.

Daisy was a stray dog in Spain. She had been found neglected on a street, malnourished, underweight, and frightened. She was taken to a rescue centre.

Hots Dobermann Dog Rescue was approached to save Daisy from kennels in Spain and brought her to the UK. She underwent a 48-hour journey and was soon fostered when she came to Britain.

She formed a relationship with a fellow Dobermann, whom she buddied up with as her recovery continued. But she was then adopted by a member of Hots, and soon became a firm favourite within the organisation.

That member then left Hots, leaving Daisy in the care of Mr Sanders on August 17.

Hots staff were horrified in November to find a poster of Daisy saying she was missing.

It turned out Daisy had been missing since September 7 after she ran away.

Daisy has most recently been spotted in Bricket Wood on December 11.

If anyone sees Daisy, they are urged not to approach her or call her name. Instead follow her from a safe distance and call Kaye Wicks on 07740675549 or Michelle Gold on 07930534502.