Time is running out for parents and carers to submit their applications for primary, junior and middle schools.

Parents and carers have until Monday, January 15 to apply for their children’s school places.

If they apply late, they risk their child not being placed in school until after late April and losing the opportunity to attend one of their top ranked schools.

Hertfordshire County Council is encouraging those applying to use their online application form as the form can be amended at any point before the closing date. If the application is submitted online, the school’s offer can also be viewed and responded to before the allocation letters are received.

Cllr Terry Douris, who is responsible for education, said that the vast majority of children were admitted to one of their top four preferred schools.

However, Cllr Douris admitted that they cannot always satisfy parental preference.

He said: “I would urge parents or carers to carefully consider the schools that they rank, to make realistic preferences and to visit local schools before applying.”

Any applicant who submitted their application on time and does not receive any higher preference school will automatically be put on the continued interest list. The offers from the first list will be sent out between May 14 and 18.

All updates are published on the Hertfordshire admissions website www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/admissions