It's been one of the longest running sagas but we finally (and hopefully) the end is in sight for what seems like never-ending crashes at a width restriction.

We learnt this week that long-awaited and much anticipated work in the now famous Woodmere Avenue will start as soon as Monday.

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The existing bollards, which some locals have described as "evil", are being taken away and the temporary new ones will be further away from the kerb.

It's to stop drivers striking their vehicles on the bollards - something that has been happening for over a decade and damaged countless vehicles.

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We know coverage of this issue has divided opinion with some laying the blame firmly with the design while others are less sympathetic, accusing motorists of not being able to drive properly.

But no matter which side of the fence you're on, few will argue the situation can be left as it is, especially when priceless doorbell video shows how vehicles are tipped onto two wheels - there have been serious injuries before and there will be again if nothing is done.

And so, it is welcome news that change is coming, but as county councillor Steve Cavinder says, time will tell if it stops the crashes until the bollards are likely removed once and for all for ANPR cameras in 2023.