Watford-born X-Factor winners Rak-Su have shared their best childhood memories of the town they grew up in.

The three-piece band won the fourteenth series of the ITV show in 2017.

Rak-Su released music in 2018 when they produced a self titled EP that included the songs “Mamacita”, “Dimelo”, “Mona Lisa” and “I’m Feeling You”, before going on to release “Pyro-Ting” and “I Want You To Freak”.

They made a special appearance at Watford’s Christmas Lights Switch-On event on Saturday, November 13.

We caught up with Rak-Su after the event to hear their favourite memories of the town.

Myles Stephenson, 30, who also appeared on Celebrity MasterChef and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here shared how the group used to visit Cassiobury Park.

They described the standout tree in the park as “Lion King Tree” where they used to go to kick a ball about.

Ashley Fongho, 29, added: “That was the spot to go as a teen. We’d go and play some music and then get an ice cream from the Hut afterwards.”

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Jamaal Shurland, 29, remenced about his job Watford General Hospital where he would work a before working his second job in Argos.

He said: “I worked everywhere in Watford. I worked a 12-hour shift at the hospital, go home and sleep for a few hours before going to work at Argos. “Argos was lovely.”

The band continued to highlight the importance of parks to them growing up.

Ashley Fongho commented: “We didn’t have a car and we were underage so couldn’t get into any clubs so parks were our place to be.”

The three ended by saying they were recording a new cover of “Woman” by Doja Cat and thanked everyone who came to the event and supported them.

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