If there is one thing the Platinum Jubilee weekend proved, it is that Watford lost none of its sense of community spirit during the pandemic.

Jubilee street parties provided a fantastic opportunity for people to come together.

To go from years locked indoors, not seeing friends, family, and neighbours, to dancing in the streets seemed to draw a line under lonelier times.

Watford Observer:

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Each event had a unique feel, in Church Road it was the church groups that formed the core of the party and in Denmark Street residents felt the coming together of generations in a community with real history.

The events we attended were all smiles with a variety of activities, everyone could feel welcome and involved.

Then there was Watford’s Big Centenary Celebration.

Watford Observer:

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Watford’s mayor Peter Taylor put it perfectly, as he said it was well needed after so many community events were disrupted and cancelled over the past few years.

Yes, during the lockdowns we may have clapped for the NHS on our doorsteps, but it’s not the same atmosphere as being able to sit down together, dance, and hug and talk to your friends.

Let's hope there are more such events over the next few years.