There were some amazing costumes on view at Vicarage Road for the two concerts by Sir Elton John – and they didn’t all belong to the Rocketman.

However, it’s unlikely there was anything more poignant and moving than the jumper worn by 23-year-old Jenna Ward from Elstree.

It was the same jumper her late mum, Ellie, had knitted herself and then wore to Wembley when the Hornets played in the 1984 FA Cup Final at Wembley.


Watford Observer: Jenna's late mum Ellie wearing the jumper.Jenna's late mum Ellie wearing the jumper.

Sadly, Ellie passed away at Watford Hospice aged just 49 in May 2013, just a stone’s throw away from her beloved Vicarage Road.

So, when Elton announced he was playing two concerts at the stadium this year, the family felt they had to attend.

Jenna, her sister Kayleigh and their dad Dave, along with Ellie’s best friend Denise Digweed, all bought tickets and then decided a few hours before Monday’s show they all wanted to wear something in club colours.

Watford Observer: Jenna donning the jumper ahead of Elton John's concert.Jenna donning the jumper ahead of Elton John's concert.

“That’s when my Dad found the jumper in a drawer,” explained Jenna. “I was stunned it was in such good condition but we did find a little hole in it, and so I was very scared wearing it. I made sure I took good care of it, and we’re now going to get that little hole repaired.”

The amazing jumper is predominantly yellow but has the FA Cup on the front with the words Wembley 1984 and Watford FC FA Cup. The detail Ellie knitted on the back is even more incredible, with the famous Wembley twin towers, the words Elton John’s Taylor Made Army, and even two Hornets.

“I was so proud to wear it but it was bitter-sweet too as Mum would have loved to be there with us,” said Jenna. “There was such a positive environment inside the stadium though, and so many people made lovely comments about the jumper.

Watford Observer: Enjoying Elton John's concert.Enjoying Elton John's concert.

“I saw Elton at Hyde Park recently and the atmosphere at Vicarage Road was so different. It was just lovely and I really enjoyed being there. I hope Mum would have been proud.”

As well as the jumper, all four had masks of Ellie’s face: “Having the jumper and the masks means Mum was sort of there really. It was a very special night for all of us.”