TV presenter Fearne Cotton has written the foreword for a book penned by an eight-year-old girl who was left blind from an inoperable brain tumour.

The book, Out of the Woods, was written by Betsy Griffin about finding her pet dog.

Betsy, who lives in Chorleywood, recorded the story on voice memos before it came to the attention of publisher HarperCollins.

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She said: “I never thought that something this amazing would happen to me - I will have my own published book!

“The journey to this book all started when I was six-years-old when I had the idea of making a YouTube channel - Betsy’s Positive Videos.”

The seven-chapter story is about positivity and courage when Betsy goes looking for her dog Clementine.

Readers are taken on an inspirational journey through a dark forest, teaching us how to see the beauty in everything even on the darkest of nights.

Watford Observer: Fearne Cotton has written the foreword and will read the audiobook. Fearne Cotton has written the foreword and will read the audiobook. (Image: PA)

Along her journey, Betsy makes friends with a butterfly and a squirrel.

With illustrations by Emmanuel Santos, this story captures themes that reflect Betsy’s spirit and positive outlook, and can be read by anyone, whatever age.

Fearne Cotton, who will also read the audio book, said: “Every now and then a very special book comes along that has the power to help people in many ways. This is one of those very books. Betsy is very special.”

At two years old, Betsy was diagnosed with a rare and inoperable brain tumour that left her blind.

Because of this, Betsy has encountered many difficulties, but she takes it upon herself to improve her outlook on life through optimism, and to share that optimism with others, through her book and YouTube channel.  

Watford Observer: Out of the Woods will be released on November 10.Out of the Woods will be released on November 10. (Image: HarperCollins)

A fundraising page has also been set up to help Betsy see again and rehabilitate her into mainstream education.

To date, £40,000 has been raised of the £45,000 target.

The money has so far been used towards a drug that was hoped to restore some of Betsy’s vision.

And some of the funding has been used for Betsy’s brail lessons and independent living lessons so she can stay in mainstream school.   

To donate, visit

The book will be released on November 10 and can be bought from Amazon or Waterstones

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