A Watford boy is set to star in a Netflix Christmas film by the director of Nativity!.

Evan Scott, 9, plays one of the kids in Christmas on Mistletoe Farm, an upcoming flick about a family adjusting to village life for the festive season.

The Kingsway Junior School pupil will be on the streaming platform from November 23 after more than seven weeks' filming in March and April this year.

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Evan said: “It was a great experience, it was wonderful meeting new people and making friends. I really miss those friends now they have gone.

“I loved riding on the back of a tractor as well as quad biking and the animals I got to pet – especially the baby goats that were cute as."

The child stars had to keep up with their studies while on set. Mum Laura and dad Anthony said they are “very grateful” to Kingsway for signing him off and letting him take the “once in a lifetime opportunity”, while making sure he was caught up on everything.

Watford Observer: Evan ScottEvan Scott (Image: Andrew Scott)

Evan, who also supports Watford FC, added: “We had to do schoolwork while on set, that wasn’t as fun as the filming.

“It was really funny on set.

“Some days we stayed on set until 10pm and we got to talk all the time except when we were filming. All round it was an incredible experience for me.”

The young actor was scouted after doing modelling and appeared in The Midwich Cuckoos earlier in the year, but he had never trained in acting and hasn’t even appeared in a school play.

Watford Observer: Evan Scott at ZKS Martial Arts WatfordEvan Scott at ZKS Martial Arts Watford (Image: Andrew Scott)

His dad said this may have helped him get the role in auditions because he was natural and chatty, which suited director Debbie Isitt's plan for the kids' lines to be ad lib.

He said: “We are very proud of him. It was a lot more than we thought.

“He was doing the maximum of, I think, nine-hour days. I thought it would be a jolly lark for these kids but it was quite tiring for them.”

Evan has said he aims to continue acting in the future and looks to be on the right track.

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