A coffee shop was taken over for the morning as filming took place for an upcoming movie.

Interior scenes for a new film called Spiral were shot in Kings Langley’s Fred and Ginger Coffee from 8am until 1pm today (March 22).

Watford Observer: Filming at Fred and Ginger Coffee in Kings Langley High StreetFilming at Fred and Ginger Coffee in Kings Langley High Street (Image: Newsquest)

The street was a hive of activity with lights and equipment covering the pavement and crew members busy at work.

Watford Observer: Equipment was kept on the pavementEquipment was kept on the pavement (Image: Newsquest)

However, staff remained tight-lipped on what the movie is about or who is starring in it.

Watford Observer: Crews were outside the coffee shop from about 8am to 1pmCrews were outside the coffee shop from about 8am to 1pm (Image: Newsquest)

SP Film Productions has still not confirmed if it is linked to the Spiral film released in 2021, featuring Chris Rock and Samuel L Jackson.

Despite many people coming in and out of the shop, who could have been actors or supporting artists, no famous faces were seen. However, access was restricted during filming, so it's not impossible that A-listers were sneaking in for takes.

Watford Observer: Signs were put up for filmingSigns were put up for filming (Image: Newsquest)

Having the production in the High Street caused excitement among people walking by.

Terry Fidler, 76, who lives on the outskirts of Kings Langley, said he goes into the coffee shop most days.

Watford Observer: Terry FidlerTerry Fidler (Image: Newsquest)

But the structural engineer wasn’t disappointed that he couldn’t today.

He said: “It’s good for the village to have filming. It gives the place a real buzz. I’m all for it.”

Michelle Rolph, 44, from Apsley who works in customer service, was travelling through the village and said: “It is nice to see they are using a local area.”

Unfortunately, Raymon Timberlake, 87, from Kings Langley, didn’t see any famous faces, but he did see a group of people walking out of the shop.

Watford Observer: Raymon TimberlakeRaymon Timberlake (Image: Newsquest)

“At the time, I didn’t realise they were filming, it’s interesting,” he added.

Mark Griffin, 47, who works in IT and is from Watford, happened to be in the area for a bike ride.

Watford Observer: Mark GriffinMark Griffin (Image: Newsquest)

He said he "had a nose" to see if he could find out more, adding: “I love seeing filming going on. I’m always impressed how much the area is used for filming.”

Eileen and Fergus Cotter, in their 70s, said they were made aware of the filming through Facebook.

The couple who live in the village said: “It’s good to have some variety in the high street.

“We can see why they have used that coffee shop. It’s nice in there, very rustic.”