Fans have speculated that “Spiral” filming in the local area could actually be a new Ghostbusters film.

Interior scenes for a new film under the name Spiral were shot in Kings Langley’s Fred and Ginger Coffee, apparently "on short notice", from 8am until 1pm on March 22.

Staff remained tight-lipped on what the movie is about or who is starring in it.

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SP Film Productions had sent out a letter alerting locals to the upcoming filming, which led to speculation from Ghostbusters mega-fans that the movie might be the next instalment in the beloved action-comedy franchise.

A Reddit user outlined their logic. Firstly, SP Film Productions is owned by Sony Corporation Japan, according to Companies House. Sony is producing the film.

Watford Observer: Fred and Ginger Coffee filmingFred and Ginger Coffee filming (Image: Newsquest)

Secondly, they claimed casting had been done under a working title “Hell’s Kitchen”, which then leaked as being Ghostbusters, which would mean a new working title would be needed.

The movie is apparently going to be set in New York, which is a far cry from Kings Langley, but English comedian James Acaster was reportedly cast in the film last week.

Fellow fans on the forum GBfans were also speculating and added that a Twitter user described seeing American actor and Ghostbusters: Afterlife star Paul Rudd in London on March 21.

The tweet said: “First full day in London. Wife spotted Claire Sweeney this morning.

“Then later, we’re on an escalator with Paul Rudd in front of us.

“As he U-turns to get on the next escalator, he gives me ‘the look’.

“We ride down two more escalators with him. My girls were freaking out.”

Kings Langley is also relatively near to Warner Bros Studios Leavesden, which recently shared a warning to locals that night filming including fire effects and smoke will be taking place this week.

The movie will be directed by Jason Reitman and based on a screenplay he co-wrote with Gil Kenan. The pair posted a photo on the Ghostbusters Facebook page with the caption “Back in the Firehouse. Day One!”, on March 20.

The image shows them behind the camera in a movie studio. In the original films The Firehouse was the name of the team’s base.

Sony Pictures and SP Film Productions were contacted for comment.