A menswear retailer has opened a new store in atria Watford.

Another shopping centre unit has been filled today (March 27) as Moss moved from Watford High Street to the shopping centre’s upper mall.

Moss CEO Brian Brick said: “As we continue our new store expansion programme, we're delighted to open our latest at atria in a centre that’s at the heart of the Watford shopping experience.

Watford Observer: Moss brandingMoss branding (Image: Moss)

“We designed the store to focus on our new product offering and the customer experience. A pared-back interior lets our offerings and services stand out."

The new location covers 2,271 square feet, about the size of a singles tennis court, and advertises itself as providing “the best of [Moss'] ready-to-wear offering”.

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The launch coincides with the brand formerly known as Moss Bros' spring summer 2023 collection, which debuted this month.

“We created a relaxing space where you can have a coffee while you design your perfect suit with guidance from our style experts," Mr Brick added.

"We've taken our tailoring know-how and developed a product selection for SS23 with high-quality, versatile pieces meant to be worn again and again.

“This new store is the perfect space to launch a new look for Moss, with clothes that reflect our customers’ lives now.”