ITV’s Next Level Chef star and local dad is to host his own pop-up restaurant for an evening.

Ian Golding will be taking over the kitchens at Dalling & Co in Kings Langley High Street on Wednesday, June 21 from 7pm.

The Kings Langley resident said: “I’m very excited about it. I’ve lived in the village for almost 10 years and Dalling & Co has always been the heart of the village.”

A three-course meal will be available at £40 per person, not including drinks.

The menu will include, a pan roasted carrot rose with hollandaise sauce and parmesan as a starter.

For the mains it will either be a gold fried quail with lemon, onions and parmesan or a deep-fried aubergine with zhoug (a middle eastern pesto with coriander and green chilli) for the vegetarian option.

The dessert will be a limoncello tiramisu.

Dallings & Co owners Claire Carpentier and Jeff Folkins said they are looking forward to welcoming Ian to their restaurant.

They said: “He is a lovely guy and a regular customer here and he also uses the local butchers.

To book a table, call 01923 265574.

Two further evenings will be held on July 19 and September 6.