A "wonderful" new train station mural celebrates England's only pope, who is rumoured to have been born in Hertfordshire.

Pope Adrian IV can now be seen adorning the walls of Platform Four of Kings Langley Railway Station.

Living from 1100 to 1159, Adrian IV was head of the Catholic Church for the final five years of his life.


The mural has now been completed by graffiti artist Mark Tanti from Demograffix, thanks to funding by London Northwestern Railway (LNR) and local software design company Imagination Technologies.

Watford Observer: An historic steam train is also depicted.An historic steam train is also depicted. (Image: Kings Langley Parish Council)

It also features an historic depiction of a steam train at the station. 

London Northwestern Railway's community strategy manager, Vicky Cropper-Clarke, said: "This wonderful artwork by Mark Tanti has added a new dynamic to Kings Langley station which passengers travelling through can enjoy."


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The artist himself added: "I would like to thank Imagination Technologies and London Northwestern Railway for giving me the opportunity to design the mural at Kings Langley station.

Watford Observer: 'Big plans' are in place for the station.'Big plans' are in place for the station. (Image: Kings Langley Parish Council)

“People travelling through the station can now see the artwork in all its glory as they commute to work or head on their leisurely travels.”

Lastly, Alex Michaels - station adopter and local resident commented: ''I'm delighted that we have got the mural complete at the station and would like to thank the funders for their support.

“We have big plans for the station, in collaboration with Abbots in Transition, which includes planting out the front, infographics and a community library."