After a month of speculation the exact day Watford’s Wilko will close has been revealed.

In an update issued today (September 19) administrators from PwC confirmed the closure date for a raft of Wilko locations across the UK.

It listed the Watford location, in the High Street, among 37 stores that will shut next Tuesday (September 26). Today’s PwC update also confirmed the closure date for a further 37 set to close on Sunday and a third batch of 37 to close next Thursday.

The high street chain, which entered administration last month, started its closure process last week.

PwC had previously confirmed all of Wilko’s 400 shops will close by the beginning of October and had already given exact dates for closures up to September 21.

It comes after a last-ditch attempt by the owner of HMV to strike a rescue deal failed.

Last week it was confirmed that The Range had sealed a deal to buy the Wilko brand and website.