A new shop in Kings Langley had “great success” in the first week of opening.

Sian Turner, who owns Home and Garden by Sian, has hailed her first week in the village as “welcoming and friendly”.

The first-time business owner opened the shop on October 21 and sells items such as luxury and Fair Trade skincare as well as homeware.

Watford Observer: Sian is a first-time business owner. Sian is a first-time business owner. (Image: Sian Turner)

She said: “The first week was so lovely, I had so much support from other business owners, they brought over plenty of cake and tea as well as gifts.

“It is a very welcoming place to have opened my first shop and I am very happy with how the shoppers have reacted. Some people had seen me on social media so had come from further away to support me on the day it opened.”

She previously worked in education and has used “a range of skills” from her last career to help build the business up.

Watford Observer:

Sian hopes that visitors to her shop will be able to find “ethically and sustainably produced” items as she wants to focus on selling purposeful products which are also environmentally friendly.

She added: “I want the space to be somewhere people can find things that bring them joy and don’t harm the environment, as I have tried my hardest to find ethical suppliers and reduce the amount of plastic used in the shop.”

Home and Garden by Sian is dog friendly, and the owner will “always have dog treats on hand”.

Watford Observer: It is open five days a week and sell a variety of products.It is open five days a week and sell a variety of products. (Image: Sian Turner)

She is already getting involved with community events on the high street, as the shop is taking part in the spooky celebrations for Halloween tonight.

The shop will be staying open late as part of the ghost hunt and trick-or-treating in Kings Langley.

Sian is also looking forward to the next few months with the Christmas stock already sorted, but is waiting until after Halloween to display the products.

She is "excited to see what the future will have for the shop" and is "very grateful for all the support" she has had so far.

It is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30am to 5pm.