A couple "jumped at the chance" to take over as the new landlords of the same local pub they first met at.

Kris and Bobbi Prowse met at The Three Crowns, in Bushey Heath High Road, in 2018, and got engaged in the pub garden two years later.

Former head chef Kris first started working at the “traditional community pub” washing pots 18 years ago and Bobbi has worked there for the past two years. When Michael Duffy, the former landlord, announced he was getting ready to retire and move back up to Scotland, last August, he asked the pair if they would like to take it over.

Watford Observer: Bobbi and Kris at The Three Crowns.Bobbi and Kris at The Three Crowns. (Image: The Three Crowns)

“We jumped at the chance,” they said. “It was quite emotional,” Bobbi added. “We have both got a really strong attachment to it, especially Kris. He has spent half his life in this pub, so it really feels like a home away from home for us.

“Michael said he really wanted to keep it in the family, so it meant a lot to know that he viewed us as family.”

Watford Observer: The Three Crowns restaurant area before (left) and after (right).The Three Crowns restaurant area before (left) and after (right). (Image: The Three Crowns)

Since they took over in September, the restaurant area has been given a makeover including a new lick of paint, furniture and walls, which has left it looking “like a completely different room”.

More refurbishment is planned for other areas, but it will not be quite as extensive as they want to maintain the traditional atmosphere.

So far, Kris, 34, and Bobbi, 32, said they have enjoyed a good experience as pub landlords. Admitting that it is a difficult time for pubs and hospitality more generally, they said they were “very lucky” to have a supportive community and regulars.

Watford Observer: Bobbi and Kris.Bobbi and Kris. (Image: The Three Crowns)

“We are very keen to stay an important part of the wider Bushey Heath community, because of that the community gives us back what we try and put in,” Bobbi added.

“We are a traditional pub. We serve hearty home cooked food. We do a very good Sunday roast, and we are a great place for friends and family to meet up in an old-school community pub with a family friendly feel.”