A Watford woman and her friend soared to the final of BBC One show Pointless - but missed out on £4,500 after falling short at the last hurdle. 

June Cory from North Watford and her friend Frances Jackson were on an episode that aired earlier this month and managed to beat all the other contestants.

Despite not bagging the money, the pair were still “over the moon” and “very proud” of getting the Pointless trophy.

Watford Observer: The friends made it to the final stage of Pointless.The friends made it to the final stage of Pointless. (Image: June Cory)

June said: “We began revising as soon as we found out we were going to be on the show as we really wanted to win. I started looking into different types of penguins and Frances started to investigate American presidents and African countries.

“We were both so nervous to be on the show but had a lot of fun before filming as we had to wait in the dressing room for five hours before being called to film.”

They had not told any of their friends or family that they were going to be on the show.

Watford Observer: The pair on the show. The pair on the show. (Image: BBC iPlayer)

Frances added: “We had planned a way to show our friends the episode whilst at the pub and the look on their faces when June turned her laptop around was just of complete shock and excitement.

“I had told my husband that I couldn’t watch it with him because I knew I had to share the moment with my friends, and I am so glad I did.”

Watford Observer: June lives in North Watford, June lives in North Watford, (Image: BBC iPlayer)

The pair were convinced that it was “not possible” for them to beat the other contestants, but both agreed it was “a miracle” that they made it.

Frances, a retired publicist, added: “It was just surreal. It felt like it wasn’t supposed to happen, but I couldn’t think of anyone better to spend doing the show with.”

Watford Observer: The contestants made it to the final. The contestants made it to the final. (Image: BBC iPlayer)

They had both been on the TV show Eggheads in 2014, where they beat the Eggheads but have agreed “there will be no more quiz shows” as “memory does not get better with age”.

If they had won the money, June, a sales consultant, would have donated her share to Herts Mind Network. Frances said she would have spent it on “good champagne and a city break as well as donate some to the charity”.

You can watch the pair on season 30 episode 19 of Pointless on BBC iPlayer.