The Coca Cola truck will be back this Christmas but could be a ticketed event if it returns to Watford.

The popular soft drinks brand confirmed that its tour will once again be hitting the road this festive season, with its first two sets of dates confirmed.

These will be from November 30 to December 3, in Dublin, and December 8 to December 10, in Belfast. However, for the first time the previously free experience will require paid-for tickets.

Eventbrite lists the dates as costing €2 (£1.74), which will be donated to the Irish Youth Foundation for the Dublin event and Youth Action Northern Ireland for Belfast. There is also a €1.14 Eventbrite Booking Fee for a €3.14 total.

Dates are still being finalised and the next stop usually is not announced until the truck arrives at the one before. It is therefore not yet known if it will visit Watford as it did last year, alongside 41 other locations.

The company declined to confirm whether customers in England will need to pay to attend this year, or whether this only applies to the two dates already announced.