New plans to bring Watford Colosseum back into use have been submitted.

AEG, which runs the 02 Arena, has been appointed to manage the Rickmansworth Road venue when it reopens in Autumn this year after “major” refurbishments and improvements.

The main batch of work is already underway but further updated designs for the internal layout were submitted last week (February 16).

The changes are apparently led by the new operator’s specific needs and include a box office, mobile counters, reconfigured bar layouts, a cloak room, and a forum hall to get the ground floor in working order.

The circle bar layout will also be reworked, and a guardrail will be added to the roof above the ground floor office for safety reasons, if the plans are approved.

Watford Observer: How Watford Colosseum is planned to look.How Watford Colosseum is planned to look. (Image: Watford Borough Council)

The proposal is currently pending council approval.

Overall, the 85-year-old site will be decorated with a 1930s art deco theme.

Watford Borough Council took over operation of the venue in December 2020 and announced that it would close for the “major refurbishment”. Then, last year, AEG was confirmed as the council’s selection to operate the new-look Colosseum.