An 18th-century pub country pub is looking for applicants with hospitality experience to take it over.

The Old Shepherd in Chorleywood Bottom, Rickmansworth, is listed on Find My Pub as it searches for a new operator.

It is a detached two-storey ‘cottage-style’ traditional boozer that shut in 2021 before reopening after a refurbishment and sale the next year.

Incoming tenants would need to have £5,000 to pay the incoming costs and the rent would then be set at £25,000. The listing is for a shorter-term 'tenancy at will' agreement, with the potential to move onto a five-year tenancy.

“The ideal applicants should be experienced in the hospitality industry with a commercial drive to maximise on all the income streams,” the listing said.

Watford Observer: The Old Shepherd, from Chorleywood Common.The Old Shepherd, from Chorleywood Common. (Image: Google Street View)

“The landlords are looking for people with a huge passion for great food, excellent service standards and customer care.”

The Old Shepherd remains open while it looks for an operator and is popular with nearby residents as well as those visiting for a walk on the common.

The tenancy comes with private accommodation including two bedrooms.