Luton fans' appeals for Coldplay to switch their lyrics to spite their rivals have been mocked in Watford.

When it was announced that the chart-topping band would be headlining Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Stockwood Park, Luton, at the end of May, some Hatters' fans raised concerns that “they can’t perform the song Yellow because Watford play in yellow”.

This snowballed into a broader call for lead singer Chris Martin to change the lyric to Orange when he performs at the event, in line with the Luton's kit instead the Hornets'.

Luton Borough Council head of regeneration James Taylor was even quoted by the BBC saying “the crowd would absolutely pop”.

“It would honour the Luton fans and honour Luton as a team and as a town,” he added.

Meanwhile, Watford FC fans have not taken the slight lying down and some pulled no punches in their responses to the “embarrassing” idea.

Peter Remnant, of the fan podcast Do Not Scratch Your Eyes, sees the concept of a Lutonian spin on a live Coldplay performance as “cruel and unusual punishment” for attendees, including fans from further afield.

“These people are sitting in a Coldplay gig already, their lives are bad enough... then to be reminded they’re in Luton...that’s going to really hammer it home,” he added.

However, the podcast host did acknowledge that Luton supporters “have got to take their enjoyment where they can get it”.

Fellow Watford fans on social media shared his sentiment, describing the proposal as “super cringe”, “embarrassing”, and “ridiculous”.

An unsavoury alternative title for another Coldplay hit, Paradise, was even suggested.

One fan said: “Never once have Coldplay acknowledged Yellow is often played on Watford PA - Watford fans know we’re clinging to a very tenuous thing.

“If they do it once, they will be asked to change it for every other location they play.

“It’s the Coldplay fans who miss out if it is changed.”

The band themselves are yet to comment on the idea.

Over 100,000 people are expected to attend the event. Other confirmed acts include Chase & Status, Vampire Weekend, and Raye.